What is the Sprint Trainer System?

Sprint Trainer System Revolution

The Sprint Trainer System is a revolutionary piece of science and ingenuity built for human speed and strength development. It has no equal and there is no other. Its patent pending technology allows you to dial in a complete and totally devastating workout that acts on the 3 Energy Systems in the body. Brutal, lung depletion occurs, and the musculature of the body is driven past a fatigued state into the Reflex Zone. The workout is demanding and the recovery from the workout is minimal. What occurs in the body while using the Sprint Trainer can easily be explained scientifically.

The Sprint Trainer System Revolution

If your opponent is using The Sprint Trainer System
and you’re not… you lose.

You don’t need to be a scientist to know something is taking place in your body that you have never felt before. On the first step you will exhale and it’s all work from there. The Sprint Trainer System’s results are verified, and gains are quantifiable. It’s been tested and improved upon for three years and is responsible for making dramatic gains in a short amount of time. The Sprint Trainer System is making elite athletes faster and stronger. The Sprint Trainer System revolution has begun.

Sprint Trainer Testimonial

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Who is the Sprint Trainer System for?

A better question is: Who is the weight room for?

The weight room is for everyone that has a desire to get stronger or gain power and improve their physique by consistently increasing workload over time.
It’s for anyone that wants to better themselves and be the very best version of themselves that they can possibly become.

Now, think about your workouts in the weight room. You’ve most likely had gains, some pain, and measured success. Now imagine doing all that weight room work while running. Yes, while running! If you frequent the weight room for any reason, (Endurance/obstacle races, Sports training) you know that consistent work load increase over time is what gets the gains. That’s exactly what the Sprint Trainer System does, but better, in less time, with guaranteed results like no other machine ever has!
Back to the original question, who is the Sprint Trainer System for? It’s for everyone that wants to be Elite!


More Speed

Acceleration is determined by the strength and frequency of ground contact and the angle of the body, in relation to the track or ground. The primary purpose of the Sprint Trainer System is to increase dynamic strength and increase maximal strength through running motion with an increased body angle, basically we are training the body to be lower longer with less vertical force and more horizontal power. The result is more speed!

Better Endurance

Whether its general endurance or specific endurance, aerobic or anerobic, the Sprint Trainer covers them all. You set the weight, you determine the distance, you exert the force necessary to move it. Your endurance reaches new levels with every step.

Vo2max Increase

There are 2 major factors that contribute to a high Vo2 max. One is a strong oxygen transport system, which includes a powerful heart, hemoglobin packed blood, high blood volume, elevated capillary density in the muscles and high mitochondrial density within the muscle cells.The second factor is speed, or the capacity to contract a large number of muscle fibers simultaneously, as more muscle tissue is active at any given moment, the more oxygen the muscle demands.

Both physiological factors are determined largely by genetic makeup but are also affected by training. The type of training that studies have shown to be the most effective in increasing Vo2max is training at an intensity level that elicits 90-95% of your max. In other words, train at an intensity level that has you breathing as hard as you can.

It is better to do several shorter training segments at higher intensity levels separated by recovery periods. This enables the athlete to spend more total time at 100% Vo2max before reaching exhaustion.

Faster recovery

The Sprint Trainer System is currently under a controlled study to determine why the recovery is so fast. The immediate fatigue and stress on the body feels as if your Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is going to be through the roof. But it isn’t! Science will soon have an answer as to why.

The immediate answer is we are acting on all energy systems in the body with less vertical forces and more horizontal power output. As soon as the findings are available they will be published.